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An email to us from Cheryl Wykes to our Church

Dear Church friends

As the COVID -19 continues to rampage across the country and world our action plans are practically up and running to meet the needs of local people through food parcels and to mothball the rest of the charity. Staff have been laid off in all projects and the centre seems very quiet without the laughter of our supported adults and the banter of many people working. It’s a surreal time filled with sadness, but we have been encouraged greatly from stories like The Widow’s Mite Luke 21 vs 1-4 to many anonymous donations.

  • A regular attendee of our Friday sales an elderly lady arrived for the sale saw we were closed then pressed £5 into one of our staff’s hands. ‘You’ll need this now the shop won’t be open,’ she said and walked off.
  • On the same day we received £1,000 direct into our bank account to go towards wages.
  • Someone called in to donate their bed to us which they had in their car, when told we couldn’t take it, they gave us £20.
  • A guy cycled up to our rear gates handed over an envelope with £140 in and cycled off.
  • TKMAX were shutting their stores down at 6pm, they rang us at 4.15 asking us to come and get all their foodstuffs. This included many Easter goodies.

However, we are still very low or totally out on some goods including tins of potatoes and vegetables, fruit, meat pies and rice and UHT. Asda and Morrisons have agreed we won’t be limited to stock, like the general public, but we still have to pay for goods.

If you can help whether it’s food or money, we will greatly appreciate your support at this difficult time.

If you can safely arrange a place where we could collect your church donations from, we will gladly come and collect. Otherwise bring items to our rear gates until further notice.

Please remember us in your prayers

Take care

Can you spare one minute at 1.00pm for one prayer for our world in crisis?

Cheryl Wykes & Tracey Humphries



St. Paul’s Centre, Hightown. Crewe. CW1 3BY
Tel: 01270 586186


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