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Hello from Polly…

Hi everyone, Just Polly from `the Church Office`.

I do hope everyone is well and that you are all starting to get used to our new, if not strange way of living.  I am missing you all, and feel so far away even I am only about 4 miles away here. I didn’t get chance to see you all before we had to shut our doors a few weeks ago. 

I feel like it is becoming normal now, and we are working our way through the day by all doing the usual getting ready for school or work and then doing our daily school/work routines. It is nice however to all sit together each day, even though we are all doing our own things and not saying much, it is so nice to sit together and have that company! 

We have been doing a daily walk and waving to neighbours that cannot get out, and they stand at their windows now at certain times of the day waiting for people to pass by. There is a lot of community spirit here, it is a very small village without a shop and only around 320 people and we are dropping items off to those that need or cannot get out. One villager is baking bread and our local pub is doing takeaway food and villagers are taking it in turns to deliver the meals to those that cannot leave their homes. It has created a close and caring community that I am sure was always there, but now I know people that I would not have normally come into contact with on a daily basis.  It has bought some positivity, in is what was looking like s a negative situation.    

I am just sending a few photos of what we have been seeing on our daily walks, I do hope that I see you all really soon and to see your ever cheerful faces for a Tea and the biggest piece of cake soon.

Take care and much love to you all from myself and my family. Polly

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  1. Hi Polly thanks for all your news and photos Hope you and the family stay safe too. Love Liz xx

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